Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finding an Investment in Tailor-made Shearling Jackets

Those who know the importance of having at least one high-end item in a wardrobe might want to look into tailor-made shearling jackets as a definite investment piece. While fur coats serve the same purpose of keeping one warm during winter, shearling outerwear is a more humane alternative which doesn’t sacrifice the luxurious feel of pelt against skin.

Another reason why shearling coats and jackets make good investment pieces is in the way the wool regulates moisture. Depending on the humidity, the wool on the pelt can either wick away moisture or retain it. This makes it perfect not only for winter wear but also for autumn and spring.

Tailor-made shearling jackets have that added benefit of giving the body a snug fit to suit one’s height and size. By fitting snugly on the body, the jacket is able to keep one perfectly warm and comfortable. This perfect fit is essential in a luxurious investment piece, making it all the more worth its price.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Luxurious Shearling Coats as an Alternative to Fur

While fur is seen around the world as a luxurious way to keep warm during colder months, shearling coats can serve as a more humane alternative. Usually, fur clothing draws from animals farmed and bred for the material alone, which is why it gained so much attention from animal rights groups. On the other hand sheepskin shearling is a by-product from the sheep farmed for mutton.

When processed into a complete garment, shearling clothes have a special quality that fur clothing can’t offer. Wool fibers can either wick away moisture or retain it depending on the humidity. So, while shearling keeps the body comfortably warm for the winter, it could also be worn for spring and autumn.

Getting tailor-made shearling coats can be a great investment for their flexibility and luxurious appearance. As opposed to taking the material from an animal in the wild, shearling merely makes use of materials that would have otherwise gone to waste.

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