Sunday, January 31, 2016

Shearling Coat and its Natural Beauty

The mass-produced coat has its place. Some people want the low price tag, and they don’t mind the synthetic materials. But what about those of us with more demanding tastes? If human innovations pale in comparison to Nature’s grandeur, why settle for something thrown together in a factory? A luxurious shearling coat offers the ultimate in Nature’s perfection—all in a comfortable, stylish package.
Shearling coats are the original climate control technology. Wool is designed to wick moisture away from the animal’s skin, keeping body temperature cool and regulated. Luxurious shearling outerwear provides you with the same incredible temperature moderation keeping you warm in the coldest temperatures.
Natural, functional climate control isn’t all that a shearling coat offers. The subtle beauty of wool is naturally amenable to the highest standards in fashion. Top designers work with shearling, bringing a range of tasteful accent styles to Nature’s elegance. Yet in all our shearling designs, form follows function. A shearling coat is the ultimate winter wear staple. Our shearling jackets are created at the nexus of practicality and refinement. You’d be surprised at how well shearling outerwear walks this line.
Human history is a history of innovation, and today’s world displays that lineage. With communications sent across the globe in a matter of milliseconds, you might say that humanity has achieved the ultimate in sophistication and efficiency. Yet with all that innovation, we’ll never top some things. The Grand Canyon will always surpass the greatest of our achievements in sheer beauty, and no app can convey the staggering beauty of the aurora borealis. For every incredible innovation we come up with, Nature shows us her timeless beauty—a cohesive system of incredible function and complexity.
With practicality, you want individuality. Our shearling jackets offer this, too. No two shearling designs are alike. Subtle, refined, yet unmistakably original, every coat we offer connects elegance to functionality to durability. At D’Andre New York, our extensive catalog of luxurious shearling outerwear has something for every taste. Shop today, and experience the timeless beauty of shearling.

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