Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merino Shearling: Coats for Cool Weather

While shearling coats may be seen as only wintertime wear, what some don’t see is the way the material can adapt and still be comfortable in warmer weather. In fact, when it comes to moisture retention, wool has this ability to either retain or wick it away, making any sheepskin garment comfortable during fall and spring.

Merino shearling is a perfect selection for its smooth, suede exterior and plush, velvety interior because with the short sheared wool on the inside, the coat wouldn’t look out of place when worn in times other than winter. The quality of the Merino’s finish also gives it a lightweight look and feel which still warm the body well in winter while doubling as a formal coat to wear when the occasion calls for it.

With that kind of wearable quality, shearling coats are definitely a must-have investment for anyone who likes the balance of comfort and opulent style.

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